School Improvement Priorities

Our School Priorities 2020-21 



1. Reading- Continue to improve the quality of Phonics and Reading teaching across the school  


  • Programmes and Progress -Embed the delivery of a single, high quality, phonics scheme throughout the EYFS and KS1. 
  • Everyone an expert- Improve knowledge of phonics and ensure all follow guidance and training. Ensure parent helpers have knowledge of phonics and early reading development. 
  • Love of Reading- Ensure that Reading is a priority throughout the school. Strive for all children to have met ARE standards by the end of Year 2. 
  • Books match sounds- Continue to build on our reading scheme in place where all books match the sounds taught. Ensure the reading scheme provides a rich, culturally capital, strong vocabulary with depth and richness. 
  • `Keep up not catch up`& effective use of assessment- Ensure assessment is used effectively throughout the school. In light of COVID, rigorous assessment will be vital to establish a baseline and identify gaps. 


2. Writing- Continue to improve the quality of teaching of Writing across the school so that attainment and progress are in line with those achieved in Reading and Maths, by: 

  • Embedding consistent Assessment Criteria for the whole school that sets expected outcomes term by term. 
  • Creating and embedding consistent and progressional planning documentation which ensure children achieve expected outcomes from our Assessment Criteria term by term. 
  • Improving staff knowledge and understanding, and consequently the quality of teaching in Spelling Punctuation and Grammar. 
  • Improving the handwriting and presentation of pupils work.  


3. Curriculum 

To continue with our 3 year Curriculum Development Plan ensuring that:

  • The curriculum at Upton St Leonards C of E Primary School is built upon the Vision and Core Values that have been identified during 2018-2019. 
  • The design of our school curriculum shows a clear pathway for improving the quality of teaching and learning in all subject areas and will focus on subject integrity, revisiting prior learning and the importance of knowledge and vocabulary.  
  • The context for children in our school will be clearly identified and considered during curriculum design. 
  • Our curriculum will show how the school intends to provide opportunities for children to gain cultural capital, knowledge of the world and further develop pupils’ sense of social responsibility so that they are empowered to be ‘agents for change’ in local, national and global communities (SIAMS area for development). 
  • The broader curriculum will identify how British Values and SMSC are embedded, as well as provide children with opportunities to explore their spirituality (SIAMS area for development). 
  • All Subject Leaders will identify what they intend to improve in their subject area and how they will implement improvements. 
  • Quality Marks and Awards will be identified as the whole school works towards its aims.
  • Our Teaching and Learning/ Curriculum Policy will show how we will implement our intended curriculum.


4. Pandemic Recovery Plan

Upton St Leonards C of E Primary School will commit time to ensuring that routines, expectations, standards, relationships and values are quickly re-established. At the heart of these plans, getting children ‘back-on-track’ in both an academic and emotional sense is the absolute priority. 

Click here to view our Pandemic Recovery Plan


School Vision

Building foundations for a love of life, a love of learning and a love of one another